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Eilat of Heart & Soul

Delve Deeper: Beyond the Surface of Israel & Yourself

Eilat of Heart and Soul takes you to the marvels of Israeli nature and invites you to explore how they move you and resonate within your soul. Over the course of five days following your Birthright Israel trip, we will hike, snorkel, and tour the south of Israel, while taking the opportunity to meditate, do yoga, study Jewish texts, and participate in a unique seminar through which we’ll explore values such as community, nature, and Jewish identity.



Eilat of Heart and soul

With mindfulness as the core theme of the five days, you’ll have the unique opportunity to delve deeper into the wonders all around and within. Eilat offers the perfect backdrop with it’s scenic hikes, calm beaches, and underwater trails. The striking natural beauty will encourage you to disconnect from the everyday and adventure the area through snorkeling, biking, jeep rides, and water sports.


The program also includes a yoga and meditation workshop at a local kibbutz, comfortable for all levels . Their hands-on approach to using textual material with the desert environment will give an eye-opening opportunity to enjoy a relaxing kibbutz atmosphere in a setting of exquisite scenery. 
Through Eilat of Heart and Soul, you’ll encounter varied natural beauties of Eilat combined with transcendental experiences for your soul. It’s an exhilarating adventure to add greater meaning and mindfulness to your everyday.

“This trip has been more than I ever expected and everything I wanted it to be.” Michelle W
“Every day was packed with something incredible and new.” Will J.
“This trip helped bring meaning back into my life.” Alex P.
“Everyone on the trip created a comfortable environment where I felt truly free to be myself.” Rachel Z.

Eilat of Heart and soul

Israel Free Spirit offers different types of Birthright Israel trips to accommodate participants of varying interests. All of our trips are designed to experience Israel to its fullest. We offer a wide variety of niche trips catering to specific interests such as the arts, social justice, business entrepreneurship, and more. Some of our trips offer unique opportunities for individuals with special needs, and we also run a trip tailored for participants in recovery, based on our approach of equal opportunity for all. Our basic philosophy of providing a fun, active, spiritual, and meaningful encounter in Israel unifies all of these Israel Free Spirit programs. Indulge yourself—this is Israel Free Spirit, and your adventure starts here.