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The Foods of Israel

A culinary experience through Israeli diversity


Shakshuka at your favorite brunch spot and tahini front and center at your local grocery store… These days, Israeli food is the hottest culinary trend around. Get in on the action by spending four days sampling Israel’s food scene through cooking workshops, market excursions, home visits, conversations with a diverse array of culinary personalities, and much more.



The Foods of Israel offers the opportunity to explore the special role food plays in Israeli society and how its unique language enables Israelis from all backgrounds to connect with each other on numerous levels. Open to anyone who likes cooking, baking, or just eating, the program will be both interactive and thought provoking and will engage Israelis from numerous traditions and ethnic backgrounds—east and west, religious and secular, Jewish and Arab—around something we all have in common: food. You’ll go home with delicious memories, new friendships, and lots of tasty recipes and techniques to try at home.





Makor Educational Journeys is a division of IGT (International Group Travel, Ltd.), a large incoming travel company in Israel. We specialize in educationally oriented travel programs to Israel, for some of the American Jewish community’s most significant organizations and foundations. Among our clients are the Wexner Foundation, Hillel International, the Hartman Institute, various universities, synagogues, and foundations, spanning the entire religious and political spectrum. We have designed and implemented travel programs for a wide range of students, both Jewish and non-Jewish, and have significant resources throughout Israel and in the Palestinian Authority, including journalists, academics, student organizations, innovation and entrepreneurial endeavors, and a wide array of individuals involved in diplomatic, geopolitical, and cultural initiatives.