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The He (Art) of Israel

Behind the scenes with Israeli art & culture


Are you creative? Do you like dance, fashion, and photography? Well... we’ve got you covered!

The He (Art) of Israel is a fascinating 4 day journey designed to expose you to the world of Israeli arts. You’ll experience Israel through cool workshops from dance, photography, painting, music, and theater. 



  • An Instagram and Photography workshop
  • Wine tasting + painting session
  • Embroidery workshop with Bedouin women
  • A studio visit at the Israeli fashion designer who dresses Queen B
The He (Art) of srael is a fascinating 4 day jurney designed to expose you to the world of Israeli arts. You'll experience Israel through workshops in dance,photography,painting,music and fashion.

Participants will delve deeper into aspects of Israeli culture and society including: identity questions, minorities in Israel, and immigration to Israel.  



Our staff, speakers and Israelis on the program:

“The staff was always so enthusiastic and engaging. They created such a community. It’s like they were staff, but also our friends.” - Deborah, a former participant.

Our Israeli educators are top-rated in their profession. In each group we have one tour guide and one educator with expertise in the Jewish world and with in-depth knowledge of Israeli art. The 4 days program enables you to create meaningful connections that are based on the love for Israel, art and culture.

Our speakers are coming from the various aspects of creativity and live art on their day to day life and they will make Israel come alive for participants through interactive presentations and exciting workshops.


Fashionating by Liri is a social enterprise which was established in 2016. The Company’s mission is to empower Israeli fashion designers, brands and companies and to bring Israel's story through a new and unique perspective of fashion.

The company offers lectures about Israeli fashion across North America and fashion tours and trips in Israel. When you go on a trip with Fashionating by Liri you know you’ll get the best experience! Liri is all about creating boutique trips in which every single detail was carefully thought through to maximize your experience, from the speakers and staff to the hotels and restaurants- with Liri you will get the best!

Fashionating Israel is a unique program run by the tour company Fashionating by Liri. Fashionating by Liri was established by Liraz Cohen Mordechai. Liraz Cohen Mordechai (Liri) is an educator and the owner of Fashionating by Liri, a company whose mission is to empower Israeli fashion globally and to tell Israel’s story from a unique angle of Fashion.  

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